White Label option on all our products!

We, at CannaCans, offer a white label option on all our CBD-products. This way, you can re-brand our high quality CBD-products as your own. One of the main advantages is that you can set your own pricing on all our products and grow your business accordingly.

White Labelling and Private Label

What exactly is White Labelling? White Labelling is rather simple. Once you’ve found a CBD-product manufacturer which produces high quality CBD-products (like CannaCans), you can buy their products white label. This means you will receive the products without original labeling, ‘naked’ if you will. This leaves room for your own labelling on the products. We dare say that around 90% of all CBD-products which can be found on the market today are under white label service. If you decide to start with White Labelling, you can count on a number of advantages with reselling an existing brand.

cbd white label products

Start your own Brand

One of the main advantages, is the fact that you can build your own brand with the use of White Labelling. Your product range stays consistent, while you provide new products to your customers with the look and feel they already ‘ve come accustomed to. You can keep building goodwill with your customer base, as the packaging is what they are familiar and comfortable with.

As your clients are already familiar with your brand, and trust it, they will automatically trust the new products as well. It is proven that customers like what they know, and if they love your brand, they will automatically love the new products. It excites them to get to know new products, especially if it is a product they were looking for or want to know more about.

There is also a possibility that you are taking a dip in the business world of CBD and want to start your own company or that you already have a company but you don’t have a lot of recognition yet. You know exactly what you want and how you want it. You’ve made preparations and you did extensive market research. You know what your target audience is and you know exactly how your products must look and feel like. The combination of these two, knowing your target audience and envisioning the products that they would love, are a great recipe for succes.

Freedom to determine your own pricing

One of the other great advantages of having a brand of your own, is that you can determine your own prices. This way you have total controle over your own market strategy and respond to a specific market for your products. Most of the time, if you work with existing brands, they strongly suggest you using their RRP (recommended retail price). And if you decide to not follow their suggestions, it can result in angry phone calls or even the end of a business relation. Companies like these will not be happy if they see their products being sold for a lower price and will eventually stop doing business with you.

You are not bound by a pricing structure from other companies when you decide to sell CBD-products under your own label. You are free to set your own pricing to accommodate your companies needs and marketing structure.

All of our products, which you can find on our website, are available for white labeling. But it doesn’t stop there, if you desire a certain product with a specific percentage of CBD, or a totally custom-made product, we’d love to accommodate you. And because of the fact that our partners have the acquired certification, your products will be immediately ready to sell.

Your products and legal information

When it comes to packaging and the required information on the packaging, the guidelines can vary from country/territory. But no need to worry, we will assist you every step of the way and make sure all the required information is on your own packaging. There are two categories that CBD falls under, which are cosmetics and food supplements. These two product categories have different VAT regiments and different requirements, depending on the region you are selling your products.

With our help, your products will have the required information for distribution within the EU.

We can even assist you in designing your own brand

If you are already prepared and have your own in-house designer, we simply send you the formats of the labels and boxes. This way your designer can update the files with your logo and design, and send them back to us for printing.

If you don’t have an in-house designer, we got you! Just send us your logo and any preferences you have for the appearance of the products. We will take it from there as we work with a number of highly talented designers. They will design what you have envisioned for your brand and work together with you to achieve this.